Best Romantic Novels That Can Unleash the Amorous You

Best Romantic Novels That Can Unleash the Amorous You

Do you feel love is in the air? Then unbridle yourself from the lethargy that grips you to explore that passionate facet in you. Light some aromatic red and white candles, unwrap your favourite chocolate assortment as you satiate your taste buds in that crispy, creamy, chocolatey treat revel in the magic of the most beautiful romantic novels – the ultimate delicacy for your soul.

Whether your secret indulgence is a historical romance that lets you time travel to the fluttering heart of yesteryear, a spectral passion that shatters the norm of flesh and blood to fall in love, soul-stirring novels that recce the poignant element in you, and sensual stories you might want to indulge while you are in the luxury of your home and absolutely not when you are travelling via public transport.

Romantic Novels

It Ends with Us

The book by Colleen Hoover bears testimony to the reality that people you love rips you into pieces. Life was always a rollercoaster ride, but she has never let these hurdles thwart her dreams. Being a newbie to Boston, from the small town in Maine, Lily accomplishes the gorgeous neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid to pause his no dating principle. Her life has transformed into a fairy tale where everything seems too good to be true. Ryle is feisty, obstinate, brilliant, and definitely in love with Lily. But his aversion to relationships unsettles her. As these thoughts engulf her, so does her memories of Atlas Corrigan – her first love. He had the status of her defender, and with his arrival, all that she has fashioned with Ryle seems bleak.

Pride and Prejudice

Since its quick masterstroke in 1813, the book by Jane Austen has been a celebration among the English literati. Jane Austen describes this famous work of hers as her beloved child and its effervescent heroine, Elizabeth Bennet, as her immortal creation. The skirmish between a dogmatic Elizabeth and her presumptuous lover, Mr. Darcy, is a magnificent unveiling of an edified squabble. Jane Austen’s brilliant wit glitters as her characters whirl an exquisite quadrille of seduction and charm.

Pride and Prejudice


The author of this book is Diana Gabaldon, and the book is set in the year 1945. A former combat nurse, Claire Randall, has just returned from the war and reconciled with her husband. Suddenly she time travels to the year 1743 when Scotland is torn by war, and she is a Sassenach – an outlander. Claire is hurled into the conspiracy of spies, who may menace her life and break her heart. James Fraser, a youthful valiant Scots warrior, captures her with divine love – leaving her ripped between loyalty and passion, and two contrary men in two antithetical lives.

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