Comic Books you Need to Read Definitely.

Comic Books you Need to Read Definitely.

With a whole lot of comic books and materials flooding the internet and visual media, it is entirely reasonable to get overwhelmed. The diehard fans of comics would have a bunch of opinions on choice comic books and can differ on the same and certified in what’s trash. The industry has grown to such extent where new content pops up weekly, making it impossible for the newbies to know where to start with.

From epic superheroes to political thrillers and autobiographical works, this list of books will help you navigate through in your journey to finding the best comics of all times.

Comic Books

The wicked+ the divine

Bagging winner of Best comic of the 2014 British comic awards, the comic has pumped into the minds of the readers to quiet an extent. The plot happens in the world of 12 gods called the Pantheon to roam, incarnates into living bodies where they are given extraordinary powers. What’s the flip side? They get to live with those powers and celebrity life for two years, after which they die and reincarnate into other bodies. The cycle thus continues. The play is pictured through the eyes of the protagonist Laura Wilson, who herself is a significant Pantheon celebrity. Stretching over decades, the drama stars everything from culture to sexuality. The wicked is one of the most forward-thinking comics ever.

The Punisher MAX

As a part of the Marvel cosmic, the Punisher was toned into an action hero with loads of cool gadgets that kids would get enticed. But as the character is finally brought out into the mature MAX form, the elastane costume to the destructive armamentarium of weaponry and a sociopath like an attitude towards others.

The wicked+ the divine

I Killed Adolf Hitler

At times the best of all would be the simplest of all. The cartoonist brings in time travel and sci-fi model to play. The story is about a hitman time traveling to the times of world war two to assassinate Hitler. But, like most other dramas, tables turn, and Hitler gets his way into the modern world. The large plot is supplemented by the hitman’s love story adding a softer note to the account.

Fables (DC/Vertigo)

Fables bring in the popular folks of the time- Snow White, Cinderella, Pinocchio- to the modern world where they live as part of a secretive community called Fabletown in Manhattan’s Upper Westside. While some stories deal with action and thrill, others deal with ordinary politics of the Fabletown, showing the readers how these characters would deal with organised government systems. In this way, the Fable crosses the regular borders of Fable genre too much deeper issues.



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