Incorporating Revolutionary Thoughts in Signages

Incorporating Revolutionary Thoughts in Signages

If you are planning to give your home interior a distinctive appeal, you have plenty of options to select from. Just avoid doing the trendy stuff, what everyone is doing for your home decoration. Don’t follow the crowd, that’s for sure. Have you ever thought of revolutionary themed signs for home decorations? Well, this is a home décor idea that can give your space a rustic vibe.

There are many revolutionary signage themes that can grab your guests’ attention. What you need is to get a message that most people can associate with. In this guide, we are providing you with some of the best revolutionary thoughts in signage. These are some of the best signage ideas you can use for your home decoration when you’re the type of homeowner that loves compliments on the originality of your home.

1. Revolutionary Figures’ Portraits

arc de triomphe parisOne of the most effective signage ideas is the use of revolutionary figures’ portraits. Throughout all the revolutions, there are people who we still remember today. These are key individuals who led the struggle of the people and supported the revolution, emerging as the leaders. They are credited for the success of these courses, and their input still inspires generations. Having artistic signage of such figures in the house will create your focal point.

Some of the renowned revolutionists include the great Mahatma Gandhi, who led India to independence. Che Guevara is another figure known for his role in Cuba’s revolution. He is also honoured for his revolutionary ideologies that still motivate millions across the world. Abraham Lincoln is another revolutionist you can feature in your artwork. Other revolutionist wall arts you can have in your house include Fidel Castrol, the great Mohamed Ali, Malcolm X, and many others.

2. Framing Names of Revolution

Another revolutionary thought you can have on signage is the names of revolutions. There are many revolutions that shaped the world, and they still inspire many across the world. Probably the oldest and the most known is the French Revolution. It occurred between 1789 and 1799 as the French people tried to abolish the ancient regime and install a constitutional monarchy. The French revolution would change how Europe was governed, and later, its effect would spread across the world.

Having farmhouse-themed artwork with the name “French Revolution” will grab your guests’ attention. Other revolutions that changed the world includes the American revolutionary War, American Civil War, Cuban Revolution, Haitian revolution, and many others. You can have each of these names written, framed, and displayed to great advantage on your walls.

3. Revolutionary Events’ Images

cannon in civil warFor all the revolutions, there are special images that identify with them. For the American War of Independence, there are images that don’t need explanatory details because whenever the viewer sees them, you understand what they mean. You can feature some of the prominent images as your decorative signs for a revolutionary theme. Images such as the Boston Massacre, Siege of Yorktown, The Battle of Yorktown, and the Declaration of Independence are revolutionary themed.


There are many other images capturing events that resonate with various revolutions. You must have seen images of some of the marches Gandhi did in India with thousands of people. You can also have images of the killing of some of the revolutionary leaders. The image of the guillotine is associated with the French Revolution. The images of key events that resonated with various revolutions will give your space the vibe you are looking for.

4. Revolutionary Quotes

One of the things that fuels revolutions are the quotes made by leaders. These words usually live on, and they inspire and influence many generations after them. Some of the quotes either fuelled the revolution or added more vigour to it. It is important to note that most of the revolutionists, such as Che Guevara, Fidel Castrol, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Mahatma Gandhi, were great thinkers. They were also very eloquent, and that’s how they rallied people to fight for their causes.

A quote like “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind” made by Gandhi would be perfectly framed on the wall. “The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall” is a quote by Che Guevara. He is also remembered for the “The first duty of a revolutionary is to be educated” quote. There are many other quotes from great leaders you can have on the wall and these quotes make a beautiful addition to any home, not to mention suiting most decor styles.

the lincoln memorial place

5. Revolutionary Paper Cuttings

Most papers have covered revolutions that have happened across the world. There are commemorations for these historical events, and much has been said about them and the people who led them. Papers usually use the images of the revolution figures, their quotes, their history, and so on. With modern printing technology, you can have the cutting from these papers printed and make nice signs for home decoration.

The process is quite simple. You just need to cut the paper and frame the cutting to make revolutionary themed signage. Similarly, you can print the cutting using the computer, which enables you to change features such as the size and colour. If properly done, revolutionary paper cutting can make ideal signs for interior décor.

6. Revolution Graffiti

If you want to give your place a unique revolutionary vibe, go for graffiti. They make the signage look so real in many ways. Although using graffiti in the house may not be ideal, you can use it for outdoor decoration. If you have a deck, patio, or other outdoor structures, you can enhance its unique look with graffiti.

The good thing about graffiti is its range of applications. You can use it to write artistic numbers and letters. However, the most popular graffiti is the images. You can use graffiti to draw the images of revolutionary leaders. The fact that you can do it on a whole wall is what makes graffiti so exciting. Find a professional artist for this kind of artistic sign.

These are some of the revolutionary thoughts you can incorporate for home interior décor. These ideas offer a range of applications in that you can make a wide range of signs for your personal touch. For professional revolutionary themed signs, contact MPL Signage. They are specialists in all kinds of signage.

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